Backup Restore Procedure

How can I restore data into NetSuite from the backup DB? 
The restore process is simple and straightforward. Let's say you wanted to restore some transactions which were accidently removed from NetSuite. This would involve accessing your MySQL backup DB using MySQL client like MySQL Workbench, selecting the appropriate transaction records which we want to bring back from the backup into NetSuite (DB Query) and saving the selected query results as a CSV file. We can then easily import the CSV file back into NetSuite using NetSuite CSV import feature.
The backup DB tables retain all of the NetSuite assigned internal IDs and fields, so existing NetSuite records can be updated. The field names on the DB tables are also identical to the field names in NetSuite so it is easy to map the data in the CSV file to NetSuite. Once the CSV import is completed, the records will be restored. No other tools are needed for this process. 
Restore Steps:
  1. Access the backup DB using MySQL Workbench
  2. Issue select query against appropriate backup DB table to select records you wish to import back into NetSuite
  3. Save query results as a CSV file
  4. Import the CSV file into NetSuite using CSV Import feature. If you are importing existing records into NetSuite make sure to map InternalID field to NetSuite and select (Add / Update) in the CSV import screen.
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